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Real Estate Accounting

Are you the owner of income producing property?
The principal of Laguna Numbers has honed her bookkeeping skill by spending the first 30 years of her professional life as a Regional Property Manager, handling commercial & residential units.  This view provides great insight on how to maintain proper accounting, while paying attention to repair bills, late charges and all the issues that arise with an income producing property.

Trustee Bookkeeping

Are you the trustee of a family member? Are you aware of the legal requirements of a trustee concerning the disbursement of the trust’s funds?  Laguna Numbers will help you keep the most accurate records, making sure that the Trusts are in compliance with all the legal requirements concerning the disbursement of the trust’s funds .You will have one less issue to deal with regarding your loved one.

Home Based Offices

Are your books in the proverbial shoebox? 
Do you dread tax season? Are you constantly wondering how your is business doing? Are you overwhelmed with keeping finances in order? We can take the stress away so that can  attend to your

clients needs, and build your business.


Are you a senior having a hard time writing checks or keeping up with the mail? Laguna Numbers  is the only bookkeeping services serving our senior communities  It is very hard when you cannot write or see well to have a person with no professional accountability helping you with your personal finances.  You do not want to have a caregiver or a new friend writing your checks for you, so we are able to provide a practical and cost effective alternative.

Very often we will set up a simple filing system to help our clients with the maintenance of their records, making sure that only what is important or pertinent is kept, and that it is kept in a safe and organized manner, not on their dining room tables. Normally we sit for a few minutes, open the mail and organize the papers.

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We offer complete bookkeeping services (Bill Paying, Bank Reconciliations, Collections, Accounts Receivable & Payable, etc.) specializing in the service industry, small business and home based offices.

We make sure that your bookkeeping program is the best suited to your needs.


Experts in QuickBooks, Quicken & Peachtree

Laguna Numbers is the only bookkeeping service in Laguna Beach servicing Coastal Southern  Orange County.  

We specialize in supporting small business owners and professionals to busy to accurately bill & collect.


"I was getting ready for a court hearing and my finances were a mess. I'm very right brain with an extreme case of A.D.H.D., so the last thing I like to do is fiddle around with the books... in fact, I can't think of a more agitating endeavor in the world... so I put it off for YEARS.

Well, I needed to get my books in order for my impending court date, but I was skeptical of hiring a book keeper since I hadn't had good luck with them in the past.

My attorney made the strong recommendation of Viviana, owner of Laguna Numbers Bookkeeping Services, saying she was great at this kind of thing, so I took a leap of faith and hired her.

I'm happy to say Viviana got an entire year's worth of bookkeeping done for me in just two weeks time in a very friendly, professional, accurate and helpful manner."

Chris M.
Information Marketer


Clients' Comments About

Laguna Numbers Bookkeeping Services

"Viviana Schulman was my father’s bookkeeper for several years.  When he passed away rather suddenly, Viviana was incredibly helpful in settling his affairs.  She did everything from notifying banks and sorting through old files to providing emotional support. 

Additionally, she facilitated the sale of various property over the next several months.  I live out of state, and without her help I don’t know how settling my father’s estate would have been possible."


Sue Mead

"We have been working with Laguna  Numbers Bookkeeping on a mutual client for about a year now and we are very happy. It is the first time we have felt that the Bookkeeper is really on top of things, keeping the records up to date, and more importantly ensuring their accuracy. I would have no hesitation referring Laguna Numbers to anyone who is looking for a competent and efficient bookkeeping service."


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