"I have know and done business with Viviana for almost 7 years. She is very well organized, very personable and has a keen eye for detail. Nothing gets past her! As a Financial Advisor and an Enrolled Agent I never hesitate to refer her to my clients."

Mark Dobrilovic, AAMS

"Viviana Schulman has been my bookkeeper for the past three years. She has helped with paying my bills on time, money management, Quicken computer accounting, preparation of my income taxes and management of my bank accounts. Viviana has been very helpful and got me on the right track. I do not know what I would have done without her help.  I recommend her for any bookkeeping services. "

Karen Rabin, PhD

"Laguna Numbers is great! I met Viviana over two years ago, and she has been a godsend. She is like the little angel on your shoulder always reminding you what you should, and shouldn’t do.
There are so many sensitive areas where care must be taken in reporting business income and expenses. Many have the potential of being mishandled and which could create problems, especially in review or audit-type situations.  I had no idea about them when I met Viviana, but let me name just a few that she pointed out & handles for me:

1) Gross income.  Must be verifiable from bank statements.  Any deposit not income,  i.e.  a loan or refund, must be clearly identified and documented.  The gross should reconcile with any appropriate sales tax returns. Discrepancies with deposits should be explained and proven.

2) Insurance.  Some insurance policies are deductible and others are not.  It is possible for some insurance to be partially deductible. Identify policy payments by coverage as well as dollar amount.

3) Shareholder loans.  Loans to shareholders, especially majority stockholders are red flags for the IRS.  In order to be proper, each loan must be carefully documented as to term, rate of interest, and the ability of the shareholder to repay.  These are three prime considerations (but not the only ones).

4) Vehicle use/personal use.  When a car's use is divided between personal and business use, extra care is required to keep a detailed record of mileage for each.  Expenses and depreciation can then be pro-rated properly for the allowable business use deduction.

5) 1099's, W-4's, W-9's, I-9's.  The 1099-MISC form is given to sub- contractors and other individuals who have been paid over $600 during the year.  There are stiff penalties for paying an individual as a subcontractor, who is really an employee.

• The W-4 is required to be filled out by all employees detailing their allowances.  It is kept on file by the employer.

• The W-9 is a request by the payor of the payee for the social security number or other tax identification number and whether or not that payee is subject to backup withholding provisions.

• The I-9 is a form required to be filled out by the employee and employer in order to verify employee eligibility status.

6) Travel & Entertainment.  Federal Rules allow for the deductibility of only 50% of your food, and entertainment costs; they must be detailed by date, place, with whom, and business purpose. Travel expense may be fully deductible, but it must be substantiated as to cost and business purpose.

7) Minutes of Meetings.  All domestic corporations are required to have at least one meeting a year and the minutes of that meeting formally recorded.

8) Personal expenditures paid by your corporation.  In a closely held corporation, it is often times easy to have the corporation pay the tab for some personal bills.  Generally speaking these expenditures become constructive dividends to you, thereby not deductible to the corporation.

9) Bills of sale for all equipment.  The purchase and sale of equipment requires documentation detailing description, date, and amount of the transaction.

10) Inventory. Whether you are on an annual or fiscal year, a detailed inventory is required at the end of the year.  List your inventory by item number, description, quantity, and cost method you are using.

The above-mentioned items must be reconciled to your business tax return. This may seem like a lot of extra effort, but failure to have this documentation can lead to possible loss of the tax deduction and extra taxes, penalties and interest charged to you. Like I said Viviana has helped me through so much of this and I feel I am a better business owner because of her help."
Jason Shaeffer
Owner E-Cig City
Laguna Beach, Ca.

"When my sister was put into "board and care", I became her Trustee and as so I was left with a monumental amount of boxes and drawers stuffed with papers. I started to go through them and then realized I would never make it.

Someone gave me Laguna Numbers (Viviana's) phone number and I made an appointment and she tackled the boxes one by one and worked with me. I didn't even know what to save, but after a few meetings each box was tackled and every drawer was emptied. Everything we didn't need was shredded and all the remaining was a few pertinent things. Viviana even separated what the accountant would need for taxes. The transition was smooth and saved me from a
nervous breakdown.

Hiring Viviana was the best way to get a difficult job done.

I decided to have Laguna Numbers be my bookkeeper to track monthly expenses and bills, and maintain the checkbook.  It’s working well."

"Viviana Schulman of Laguna Numbers Bookkeeping Services has been my bookkeeper since early 2010.  I manage rental property that we own and my bank had been taken over.  The online banking system with the new bank was completely different and very, very difficult to set up.  I had been struggling trying to do it myself, but was in a real mess.  Viviana had been recommended to me and she has been nothing but a pleasure to work with and I have continued to use her for my bookkeeping and to help me prepare reports for my CPA this year when it was Income Tax time.  It has really taken a load off of my shoulder."

Mary Whitehead 

 Laguna Numbers

 Bookkeeping Services